Your Lucifer Scroll is one hell of an adventure! Fast paced and intriguing, you had my attention with the opening that recalls the Islamic siege and the eventual fall of Constantinople. Then you took me on a breathtaking trip touching Georgian Bay, Arizona, D.C., Ireland and Wales.  I could almost hear the street noise in Istanbul. Thanks for the fun. Well done!

Well, Barrie Doyle has done it again. In The Lucifer Scroll he takes us on another wild, strange ride that spans centuries and continents. We race from Turkey to Canada and the American Southwest facing danger and evil in search of ancient writing , words that were penned in Ultimate Darkness and may lead to Ultimate Power. And, of course, we find ourselves in the author’s mysterious homeland of Wales. Could anyone but a Welshman weave such compelling secrets? Does he really know things that the rest of us do not know? Through it all the line of truth remains unbroken, the Light continues to shine. Yes, I do think you should read this.

The reader hops from country to country in a nail-biting drama that pulls back the curtain on the little-known historical facts surrounding one of Hitler’s obsessions. Here, fact is more intriguing than fiction and makes The Lucifer Scroll one of those books you can’t put down. I keep waiting for the militia to come to the rescue of the weak and end the tension but it goes on.  I sense a parallel to the events of history today. Perhaps the sequel will tell all or leave me wondering.