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Ontario Welsh Festival, Kingston ON (Apr 27-30)

Enjoyed a great weekend in Kingston, Ontario at the annual Welsh festival. People from all over Eastern Ontario as well as parts of the eastern United States plus visitors (mainly a male voice choir) from Cardiff, Wales.

One lady bought the first two books at the North American Welsh festival in Calgary 2016. She was at the same festival in Rochester NY 2017 asking for the third book. She was in Kingston and finally got her wish! She bought The Prince Madoc Secret and went home happy.  A number of the choir members and their families also purchased the newest book. More events later this year and we will be at the North American Festival of Wales in Washington DC late August.


The Marketplace was well attended. We were able to bring out banner and Excalibur (can’t take it across the border L) which people enjoyed posing with.


Throughout Saturday, the peaceful and soothing sounds of the Welsh harp permeated the vendor area

You’re supposed to stand within this sculpture where the “I” should be, but it was too cold and rainy.