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St. David’s Day in Sarasota FL

I was honoured to do a presentation for the St. David’s Day banquet in Sarasota FL on March 1.  The host for the event was the Gulf Coast Welsh Society and the banquet was held at the stunning Laurel Oaks Golf and Country Club.

After some fine music and singing, I spoke about Prince Madoc and the possibility that he sailed to North America some 300 years before Columbus. I tried to present evidence both for and against this legend, but was delighted to tie the legends into my newest book The Prince Madoc Secret which explores that legend and the possibility of its veracity.

I also had the opportunity to sign copies of my earlier books and was pleased at the positive response to my talk, both from those who knew of the legends and those who didn’t. To use a shop-worn cliché “a good time was had by all.”

The warm weather didn’t hurt either!

Here are some photos from that wonderful evening.