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Breaking News! April Newsletter

Breaking News!

Book 3, “The Prince Madoc Secret” to be released May 1!
I am very pleased to announce that The Prince Madoc Secret is scheduled for release on May 1 and we are already planning a number of special book signings and events during the month of May.
If you would like to suggest bookstores or other venues that might want to host a book signing, or if you’d like to host a book party in your home, please contact me at
Here’s brief preview of the plot and some reader comments regarding the first two books:

Legend says a mysterious Welsh Prince named Madoc discovered America more than 300 years before Columbus, landing in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Stone Wallace and Mandy Griffiths are intrigued by the legends and hired to produce a TV documentary. They discover that Madoc was more than an explorer. The powerful and wealthy Knights Templar charged him with an enormous task: to protect some of their precious relics. Modern day Druids know those icons are so powerful and valuable that they will kill for them.  Faith battles faith. Good vs evil. Only one can win.  As they delve into Madoc’s story, Stone and Mandy become embroiled in preventing a plot to launch devastating twin attacks on Britain and America that will result in the deaths of thousands. Assassination in Wyoming, murder in Maryland and multiple deaths in Wales: The Druids never give up and the revenge they seek on Stone is palpable. His death means the deaths of thousands. As the clock ticks down and with death and destruction about to fall, only he and his colleagues can prevent devastation.

Reader comments:  

The Excalibur Parchment:
“A fun read, almost cinematic in scope”;    “Convincing and realistic; reads like and epic movie.”

The Lucifer Scroll:
“action packed with narrow escapes and intrigue”;  “ nail-biting”; “one of those books you can’t put down”
Copies are $25 each (plus shipping and handling)