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Book update Fall 2018

We’ve been busy!


Launching a book is no picnic!

Since June, when The Prince Madoc Secret launched, I’ve been involved in ten different events. I have been in various cities in Ontario as well as Washington DC, doing everything from book signings to presentations not only on the new book, but on its two previous siblings, and on the general topics of history and legends and how they are part of storytelling.

And there are more to come!

This fall I will be doing a number of presentations and workshops at various libraries across the province. If you are in Barrie, Springwater or Midland check out the schedule on the website ( and drop by.

I’ve also been doing interviews with media. Here’s a link to one:


Here are some shots from various book events we did over the summer.


The reviews are coming in

The most exciting aspect of writing novels is that you get to meet so many wonderful fans of the books. I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the books and now, I am somewhat taken aback by the insistence of many readers that I continue the series. One told me “you can’t leave the story here. We have to know what happens to Stone, Mandy and the Templars!”

Here’s one from Gail Whyte.

Barrie Doyle serves up a flavourful broth of well-simmered adventure, intrigue and myth seasoned with enough history and plausible conjecture to keep the reader’s attention over the pages of this Welsh legend. In spots, the story is frighteningly too close to reality. Did this really happen in the darker history of Wales or is this an expose of current affairs in nations? Add to the plot the beautiful descriptions of people and places salted with his insights into human nature used to develop a cast of almost 40 credible characters and the pot begins to boil. Doyle’s research spices an already tasty story. Well researched information on aviation, history medicine, the military, religion, politics, geography and human nature, blend well to add interest and information to the stalk. The problem with this recipe is that the soup has an after taste leaving even the most satisfied reader wanting more.

Makes me hungry just thinking about it!  And here’s another from avid reader Gordon Bucek:

Mysteries on the global scale must necessarily be complex. The author of The Prince Madoc Secret has masterfully put together a series of subplots under a main story line that captivates the reader. Suspense at various levels. This book is a well researched, creative and enjoyable sequel to the two previous issues that easily fits into the best seller’s listings.

I’d love to hear your feedback as well. Send your review to me (good, bad or indifferent) at the email address


The Excalibur Tour

A number of fans of the books have told me they are intrigued by some of the locations in Wales. They asked me about the possibility of me leading a tour.

I have since done some research with a Canadian travel agent and a UK tour operator. We have put together a tentative package for a tour in May 2020. Lots of time to save the shekels.

We’ll spend time in London and Bath, but we’ll spend most of our two weeks travelling all over Wales. We’ll see some of the places mentioned in the books from the Welsh valleys to Carreg Cennan Castle to Worms Head to the University at Aberystwyth to Tintern Abbey and lots of others. We’ll visit quaint villages, spend time clambering over castle ruins, explore the rugged coastline and the equally rugged Snowdonia mountain range. When not engaged in the books we’ll ride two of the many Little Railways of Wales behind quaint vintage steam locomotives. Plus lots of friends—old and new—good times and good food.

And all along the way I will be placing the books into their places in the scenery, reading small portions, and explaining why these locations were so vital to the stories.

If you’re interested in exploring this idea, contact me at this email address:  At this point, we’re only looking for people who might be interested. There is no obligation involved right now. (That will come when details and costs are finalized in 2019).

Christmas is coming

After an absolutely fantastic summer up at Georgian Bay, the sad reality is that it is now over. Fall is upon us and pretty soon it will be Christmas.

I know a lot of friends who’ve bought copies of the books for loved ones at Christmas.

They are available via our online store at

Each book is $25 + shipping/postage.

As a special offer, you can get all three in a packaged gift set for only $65 + shipping.

All the books will be signed and, if you wish, personalized to the person receiving the gift. Make sure that information is noted in the order.


Happy reading!